Gas VS Oil Boilers: Which One Do I Choose?

Getting a new boiler is a big investment, so you need to carefully consider all of your options. The first thing to consider is do you need a gas boiler or an oil boiler? The two are very different and each feature different pros and cons. To decide which is right for you, you need to consider your personal boiler needs- and see which suits you best.

Do you have a gas supply to your home?

If not, oil is the best option to go for. When it comes to alternative methods of heating your home, oil is a great option (when compared to others, such as LPG). If you do not have access to a gas supply, a gas boiler is not going to be a practical option. However, if you do have access to gas, you still have the choice between both boilers.

Which fuel is cheaper?

When it comes to paying for your fuel, gas is often much cheaper than oil. The price is usually fixed for a period of time, whereas oil prices tend to fluctuate to meet demand. For example, you may find your fuel costs ruse during the winter, as the demand for oil increases. to avoid this issue, it is best to opt for a gas boiler. However, when it comes to changing your supplier, it is much easier to change if you have an oil boiler, compared to gas. 

Which boiler unit is better?

With an oil boiler, you can install the boiler unit outside-making it a great option for homes with limited space inside. However, you are also likely to need a water storage tank, so you need to consider whether you have the space for this. Gas boilers need to be installed inside, and the amount of components varies depending n the type of boiler you go for. however, you can get a gas boiler installed with no other components besides the boiler unit itself.

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