Common Boiler Problems During the Winter

During the winter, the cold weather can cause lots of problems with your boiler. Not only is it having to work harder than ever, but it is also liable to break due to the drop in temperatures. However, the more you know about these issues, the better you can protect yourself from them. To find out more, keep reading this blog post!

Losing boiler pressure

If your boiler pressure often drops below 1.5 bar, it can be necessary for you to get it checked out. If it has never happened before, you can top it up for yourself easily, using the instructions given by your manufacturer.

Lack of hot water

Your demand for hot water increases during the winter, so this is when you are most likely to experience issues with your supply. This issue can be caused by a number of different things, so there is no one way to prevent it.

Frozen pipes

If your pipes freeze, they will expand and can potentially burst. When you notice they are frozen, you need to defrost them slowly, using one of several methods available. It is then a good idea to lag them, to prevent the issue from occurring again.

Internal leaks

If there is a leak coming from a component inside your home, it is important you locate it as quickly as you can. Leaks can cause water damage inside your home, so they need to be corrected as soon as possible. A leak can be caused by several things, and often indicate a pressure issue.

External leaks

Having a leak outside of your home can cause a lot of issues in the wintertime, as the water will freeze. This means your supply of water will stop, as well as wasting extra energy.

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