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Powerflushing service

Have you noticed cold spots on the radiator? Are radiators taking their time to heat up? Or have you noticed a rise in the price of your energy bills? Your home, boiler and central heating system might benefit from a powerflush.
A powerflush sees water injected through the entire route of the central heating system to remove any rust, sludge and other debris that is otherwise affecting the performance of the central heating system. When we powerflush your system, we'll also add additional cleansing and mobilising agents to further improve the cleansing process. 
Powerflushing is a mess-free procedure and you should see the benefits more or less straight away. Additionally, you needn't powerflush your home again for at least 4 or 5 years - win-win. 

Why choose us for a powerflush? 

We're Gas Safe Registered, meaning we're legally able to work with gas boilers. We're also fully insured and we have over 16+ years of experience in the trade, meaning you can rely on us for a safe and professional service. Not to forget, we also offer free quotes, so if you'd like to find out how much a powerflush will cost, our Willenhall-based gas engineers can let you know completely free of charge. 

Are you due a powerflush in Willenhall, Walsall?

Check out the signs to see if you're due a powerflush...

  • Radiators take their time to heat up/fail to heat up at all
  • Cold spots on the radiators
  • Boilers due a powerflush will make strange noises like loud bangs and high pitched screeching noises. 
  • Can a magnet attached to the copper pipework (indication of rust inside)? 

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