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Gas safety checks

If you are a homeowner renting out property, you are legally responsible for the gas safety of your tenants and as such, are legally obliged to have all gas appliances/fittings checked by a Gas Safe registered engineers on an annual basis. Here at 1st Time Fix, we are on hand to carry out gas safety checks for all landlords across the Walsall and Wolverhampton regions. 

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Landlord certificates - Important Information

Who needs a landlord gas safety certificate?

Gas safety checks are not legally exclusive to homeowners that are renting out living accommodation. They are also a legal requirement for owners of pubs/restaurants, hotels/hostels, residential accommodation and anything of the like.

Which appliances need testing? 

Gas appliances that need to be checked might include: Gas boilers, gas fires, gas cookers, gas hobs, gas stoves and all other gas fittings and appliances. Please note that only gas appliances/fittings that were in the property on the tenants' arrival need to be checked, not appliances/fittings bought by the tenant. 

What do I do with my gas safety certificate?

You must make the gas safety certificate available to new tenants immediately upon their arrival and within 28 days of receipt to existing tenants. You must also maintain a record of the certificate for at least 24 months so you can demonstrate your compliance to regulators.

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